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none of this is necessary. it is happening because republicans in congress chose this outcome over closing a single wasteful ta tax loophole that helps reduce the deficit. >> the house has acted evacuees over the last ten months to replace the sequester. the president got the tax hikes on january 1. if we are going to get rid of loopholes let's lower rates and make the tax code fair for all americans. >> geraldo: in the end neither side blinked. the democrats rejected any budget deal that did not include new taxes. the republicans fee refusing any deal that did include new taxes. so the budget now being slashed by $85 million and while most of us want the government to tighten its belt all agree that across the board cuts are dumb way to do it but it is done. so now what? hi, i'm geraldo. thank you very much for tuning
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us it in. the planes have not started falling out of the sky yet. poor children are still being fed but on the other hand illegal immigrants are being released from detention and there is a lot worse news than that to come. who is to blame? can we cope? what do attorney and best selling author ann coulter and kelly ann conway on your are right? what could do they think? i think that woodward is the most valuable player in the entire saga if you wanted the blame to be placed entirely on the shoulders of president obama. i know ann you said when bob woodward claimed he was being threatened by the obama administration he may have been overstating the case or whining even. don't you think he did more than any one to really assign the equity? >> i mean there are two things woodward said. first the attack on obama for what he is saying about the filibuster. woodward is completely right about that. i just had a little quick
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quibble with whether the e-mail constituted intimidation. let's put that aside because i don't mean to attack woodward. i just asked about it. even the washington post is online now i don't know if it's for tomorrow or today pointing out giving obama pinocchios for saying the capitol hill janitors won't be able to work they are taking a pay cut. they are all working. they are not taking a pay cut. and i don't think americans believe that raising spending by only $2.4 trillion rather than $2.5 trillion over the next ten years is going to be devastating. it is just not an argument that can win. >> geraldo: kelly ann on the role that woodward played, thumbs up, thumbs down and do who do you think it bearing the burden. >> thumbs up for bob woodward. i thought it was brave of him to come forward and say this is obama's brain child and he
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ought to own it. downboehner said it best walking out of the white house. the president got the tax hike on january 1. this president wants us to raise taxes every two months it sounds like and he took a risky imammable president obama did by agreeing to this in 2011. he has flown to every swing state as he campaigned for reelection and never once went to the capitol to try to talk it through and get the specified targeted cuts. on who is to blame? i think that is the wrong question. republicans should not worry about who is going to blame. they should stand up and take the credit. time to shift blame to credit. they should say look we did what you told us to do in 2010. this they want everything not nailed to the ground in 2010 because they bring it against the expansionive in trucive expensive obama care stimulus spending finally they missed that message all together in 2012 if you asked me and they lost. they are back to that now saying no more taxes you own
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this obama and we are actually going cut some spending. do you know how many actual programs will be cut through all this? zero. absolutely zero. this is discretionary spending cuts. he makes it sound like there will be no more medicaid and social security. those are exempted. welfare exempted. food stamps exempted and people need to know that before he tries to scare them into a different mentality. >> geraldo: and yet there will be human interest stories of people furloughed or are in some way disadvantaged. won't that resound negatively against the gop? >> we won't it resound negatively against the president? all the polling questions about the republicans will be more than obama. it is never a fair fight to have one individual a president versus a body of nameless faceless people also called congress in washington, d.c. it is never a fair fight. the fact that there are are about 13 or 14 points apart in
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blame i would worry if i were obama because he has no plan b. if you you can tell me what his plan b is i'm listen. he thought they would raise taxes and they walked away and they deserve credit for that. >> geraldo: what about the rest of the agenda. wants to do immigration reform and gun control. he wants a lot of things and he needs cooperation from the republicans. >> first of all, on the human interest stories there are also a lot of stories i mean google million dollars federal employees. google hundred thousand dollars federal employees. there are a lot of ho you you man interest stories mostly consultants with the federal government because other ones have a set salary. consultants is the biggest scam in government. the head of the transportation report the faa ray lahood saying planes will be delayed because we will have to furlough some of the 47,000 employees. they get $600 million for workforce costs. $500 million of the $600 million go to consultants.
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this is a example for people who have had government jobs to then leave the government and because they have political connections pay me i'm a consultant. >> that is a bipartisan scam you agree? >> that is why i was all for the sequester. i don't think republicans can get away with much even if they would like to but i think you are going to get more stories on the waste and fraud and abuse and as for the rest of obama's agenda and how whether this is going to warm republicans toward him, i hope it doesn't and i hope they don't pass amnesty. >> i hope it doesn't because very important thing has been exposed about obama recently and i believe the white house has figured it out. obama is seen as compassionate by a majority of americans but not seen as come b come patent. they try to cherry pick all of the items that make him look
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agenda. he is talking about people and the human interest. like a walking hall mark card. when it comes to competence he has a 52% disapproval rating on handling of the budget. that was before the veronica kicking in and him having a plan b. not worry so much about how this they are losing the compassion war they will prevail. >> geraldo: is john boehner the speaker enhanced by this, ann? >> i think so. i mean i remember the time when the sequester was passed a lot of republicans saying to me what you said at the beginning segment which is why can't they he just do the responsible thing and get together and cut waste in government and i will tell you which you may find out if you become a senator because the problem is americans want the overall budget -- >> geraldo: keep that thought. new jersey pollster. >> the pollsters will back me
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up on this. americans say we want the size of the government to go down but then pick a specific program and no, no, no, we love that. that is where you get the human interest story. republicans were doing the responsible thing by saying stop me before we kill again. this is the omero way t only we budget. >> geraldo: republicans appear united for the first time in a long time and yet cpac invited me twice to go speak. they did not invite chris christie arguably the most popular in the country. >> he has a big day job and he is is running for reelection. i'm sure he would be able to go. i'm speaking at cpac. i'm he sure ann is. people have to get over the fact that governor romney lost that election for many reasons. he won one debate and never really truly won the argument. it is not like chris christie
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invented the hurricane. conservatives have more of a problem with governor christie on the judicial appointments, tackling the nra than they do about maybe taking the medicaid money or frankly even on hurricane sandy. if you you look at who is invited to cpac that is a big gap. they invite any presidential timber should be invited. they invite lots of presidential wood chips, they ought to invite presidential timber. >> first of all, i'm appalled that they invited you. >> i was going to buy you a drink there. >> but i don't know what your position on guns is since i'm he hoping you will be the future senator from new jersey and better be good but that is the specific reason they didn't invite governor christie. i don't think i would have not invited him and then pub publicized. >> i think -- >> they specifically said it is because he is not good on guns.
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>> i'm totally out of time. coy speak to delightful ladies all evening long. thank you both for coming in. coming up on the show as the process is of picking a pope begins a brand new survey of american catholics say that half want the church to change. what do they mean exactly by change? they will do that story. has the jodi arias prosecutor gone too far in his brutal cross-examination of this woman facing the death penalty? up next, drew peterson's defense attorney appears side by side with the prosecutor who sent the ex-cop to the slammer for life. take her car out. this is awesome! whoooo! you're crazy. go faster! go faster! go faster! go faster! no! stop...stop... go(mom) i rais my son to bester! careful... hi, sweetie. hi, mom. (mom) but just to be safe...
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i'm in control. he loses. we win. >> good to see him not in control because he likes to be in control. so and i think him showing himself today like he did, it shows that it is affecting him or getting to him so now it is coming to reality he will be there for the rest of his life and makes me feel good, too. >> geraldo: drew peterson the disgraced former chicago cop final listen tensed, 38 years behind bars for murder of kathleen savio. his fourth wife stacy peterson is still missing presumed dead. the man who sent drew peterson away, james glass george is appearing side by side with joel brodsky who is being blamed by his former client for his conviction. we welcome you two. congratulations, mr. prosecutor.
7:17 pm
i felt like kissing you when i heard the first the verdict and then the sentence which was totally appropriate. how do you feel when peterson was howling there that nobody understands him and nobody loves him and they got it all wrong? >> well, geraldo, it was very vindicating because everybody got to see a window into the soul of a psychopath. you know, as you know he didn't have to speak but he chose to. although he is a gutless coward. he wouldn't get on the stand when we could cross examine him. only when could speak and not be interrupted a. >> geraldo: and joel, welcome to the program. you know that peterson blames you and says yaobangleed his defense. how you do you react? >> well, first of all, that is a very typical for people who have have been convicted to try to throw blame. i don't know how much it was peterson as it was the new defense counsel steve greenberg
7:18 pm
who tried to say a whole bunch of lies that the budge totally dismissed out of hand with not one shred of proof. it is unfortunate because they turned away from the real issue here which was the hearsay that was used in conviction. something that we fought all the way to the supreme court. jim glasgow won that battle in the long run and that is why they were able to convict drew. that is where the battle should have been fought on appeal and post trial motions and not the lies that were simply unsubstantiated and false regarding my representation of drew which was first rate throughout. >> geraldo: joel, they did point out that you inflated your credentials going in. that you had never really argued a murder case before. >> no, they absolutely did not. they did not present one shred of evidence to support any of the allegations that i misrepresented anything. they never presented anything in the whole two day pre-trial that i had threatened drew or misrepresented to drew or that
7:19 pm
i had done anything improper. they tried to try to introduce some evidence that there was a conflict of interest and the judge found there wasn't. even if it was it didn't affect the defense that drew got which was a first rate trial. >> geraldo: do you share the prosecutor james glasgow's opinion that when drew spoke he was revealed as the psychopath that he is? >> you know, that was shocking. i was in the courtroom when that happened as a witness that time, not as a lawyer. and i was shocked. i was very close to drew about as close as anybody could be for five years and i haded never seen that side of him. it was -- his total lack of empathy. the only person that he felt any sorrow for was a me, me, me, poor me type of thing he actually broke down and cried. didn't mention his kids. didn't mention any of the family. didn't mention anybody but
7:20 pm
himself and that is i guess a psychopathic personality has that in it. so maybe mr. glasgow i'm not saying that drew is a psychopath or are anything like that but maybe there was something that we saw that the instant that we never saw before that was hidden behind a mask. may very well be true. >> geraldo: will you go after him now for the murder of his fourth wife? we know that he killed her. i put that in quotes because it hasn't been proven beyond a reasonable doubt. no body has been found. without a body will you be to courageous or bold to as to try to nail him on a second murder? >> geraldo, i always had the philosophy if i can prove a murder case i will bring it no matter how many convictions an individual might have and in this case i have the top lawyers in my office currently reviewing the case. as you know, we already put a case on in 2010 and we proved by prepondance and now we have
7:21 pm
to move beyond a reasonable doubt. we will do what we need to do to make the case proveable. >> geraldo: stand by. let me take a quick break and i will come back and continue this conversation with the defense attorney and the prosecutor in the sergeant drew peterson murder conviction now sentenced. he will be deep in his 90s when gets out. and again, there is this possibility that he will be tried and convicted for killing his fourth wife as well. we'll be right back after this. dad, i'd put that down. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah. this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. oh, why didn't you just say that?
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fixodent, and forget it.
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a defendant doesn't have to prove his innocence and that would be the only reason to put him on pause because we feel the state didn't even prove it was a homicide. >> we all got an opportunity to see a psychopath reveal himself
7:25 pm
in open court. >> just before he was sent away drew peterson did howl like a stuck pig blaming everybody but him isself for his sorry state. glasgow,r james glass george welcome. joe brodsky. i remember when i was inside the peterson house when drew invited me in, famous confrontation we he had there. later he slandered me six ways to sunday. enough said about that. but i met the little children that he had with stacey. what has happened to the children? they were being raised by the older kids, i think. where are the children and as i recall, stacey's family were not given any access to the children. so what is the status with that, joel brodsky? >> well, the second oldest child steven who is in miss 20s now is raising the children financed by drew's
7:26 pm
pension. i know cassandra kales who in the past couple years matured and had her own baby recently in the last year i tried behind the scenes to arrange to convince drew to allow visitation between cassandra and stacey's children. drew would not allow it. i was trying hard to convince him for the good of the family and the good of the kids but i couldn't get drew to allow it. right now they are sim "ym" in steven's custody living in the house in bowling brook, going to school every day and i'm slur that is what they will continue to do until they go away to college. but obviously it is better for them if they can have some contact and i would urge anybody, drew if you can hear me or hear this to let cassandra and let the children see stacey's family and see their new niece and have some family on stacey's side of the family some contact.
7:27 pm
really best for the kids and no matter what else you think you got to think about the kids first. >> and james glasgow, prosecutor. are you convinced in your own heart of hearts that statey peterson is in fact dead and that drew peterson did in fact kill her? >> geraldo, as you know, you are an attorney. i can't say categorically answer your is second question. i do believe that stacey peterson is dead. i believe that the evidence that we have shows that. and again we'll be assessing the evidence to determine whether or not we can prove beyond a reasonable doubt who did it. and we will do everything within our power. and everyone who doubted us over the last five years that we could never get a conviction on drew peterson in the death of kathleen savio should think twice oscar pistorius to what ouas to what the capabilities e in the next one. >> geraldo: i hear are loud and
7:28 pm
clear. joel brodsky thank you for coming on and good luck to you in the future. gentlemen, thank you both very much. his tore arery is happening as the cardinals begin the process of selecting a new pope. we'll have the results of a brand new poll of american catholic attitudes about the future of their church. the church in crisis some believe. and later, has the prosecutor gone too far in his very rigorous cross-examination of jodi arias? i have low testosterone. there, i said it.
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live in america's news headquarters i'm he marianne rafferty. rescuers called off efforts to find a man swallowed by a sinkhole beneath his home near tampa florida. authority say it is too dangerous to continue searching for jeff bush. he is now presumed dead. bush was in his bedroom when the ground opened up and took him down. five others in the house escaped unharmed. alaska's annual iditarod has been unleashed. more than a thousand mile is stretching from anchorage to nome. 66 mushers and dog teams make their way through the wilderness. the schwinner will collar more than $50,000 and a new truck. i'm marianne rafferty. now, back to gerald "geraldo a" for the latest headlines log on to fox news .com.
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>> pope benedict officially retired today. and i heard that people are actually placing bets on who the next pope will be. or at least that is what i heard during my fantasy pope draft. i do it every year. >> geraldo: fantasy pope draft. the funny take on the other are wise solemn process of selecting the next pontiff. before i tell you about this important new survey testing the attitudes of american catholics, here is i'ml i'mly kellogg on the con clave in rome. >> a mass to invoke the holy spirit then there is a lot by which some cardinals are chosen to count the votes which are cast into a golden chalise. though it is often called the world's smallest men's club they are geographically spread
7:34 pm
far and wide. the cardinal from new york will be participating in his first con clave. >> i would like to think enter the con clave i probably have some people in mind all right. and the veterans tell me that the inspiration of the holy spirit is evident in the con clave and you will see different things develop in the very active voting and as candidates would kind of rise and is set. so that is important, too. the very experience of it. i can only speak for myself. would i have my mind made up? no. >> reporter: there are people who want to get yet another glimpse of the last pope, now pope emeritus. there are still folks hanging around where he is beginning his retirement and his papal coat of arms remains outside the church. geraldo?
7:35 pm
>> geraldo: it hasn't happened in 600 years so everybody has to figure out what the protocol is. thank you very much. what kind of new pope would america's catholics like to see? craig is a couple of blocks away from here at st. patrick's cathedral in new york with the results of this important new survey. here is craig. >> when pope benedict xvi stepped down on february 28 he became the first hope in 600 years to abdicate. now, many people are asking will there be other changes in the catholic church? the church racked by can dale penny and millions shocked by the pope's sudden resignation. nearly half of american catholics surveyed want change. >> he has taken away the idea that somehow the papacy is -- in you are the vicker of christ or the direct line to god and he said no, you can step away from it. >> following the historic action a poll by poll research finds that while 51% of u.s. catholics want the next pope to
7:36 pm
maintain traditional positions 46% an all time high want reform. >> he has taken a tradition going on for 600 years which says that you are a pope until you die. >> i'm not sure it is about a game changer as it is to continuing to have a modern approach to how we transmit the faith. >> father rob kagan hosts the catholic guy show on sirius radio. >> handed down for almost 2,000 years. i don't know so much as a game changer as continue a modern approach to how we bring the faith to a modern world. >> jamie mason with women's order nation council believes a a new pope should consider bringing women into the priest hollywood. >> our notion of god is expanding as we grow. catholics are saying why can't god call women and married people and gays and lesbians forward to be priests? >> but jamie is still ahead of
7:37 pm
the curve. while they want reform according to the poll just 19% want the church to modernize. 15% believe the church must get the tougher on is sex abuse. 14%, one this seven say beliefs should be allowed to mary while 9%, 1 in 10 want women eligible for the priesthood. >> they are facing barriers put up by the church, not by. >> we are trying to say that god calls everyone to everything. god calls us all to one thing and that is to hole aninesinese doesn't call us all to do that in the same way. i'm called to be a priest. i'm not called to be married and there are different paths to do that. >> although most catholics reject the idea of ending sell baitcy. 58% said they would have no problem with priests marrying if and only if the new pope decides to take the church in that direction. the but the director of youth
7:38 pm
adult outreach for the archdiocese of new york rejects the idea. >> if i become a priest i mary the church as my bride and my main priority would be the parishonners and the people in the pews.n if i become married a woman my wife with be my priority. i think it would be difficult to maintain two families. >> pope benedict left a church beset by scandal and a increased competition by other faiths. still a billion strong most catholics are convinced the church will rally and prosper. >> those are serious issues here in the united states we he have seen the effects of the sex abuse crisis and we have to be vigilant in the protection of children and how we deal with priests who have done criminal acts. but i don't think that if we are trying to narrow it down to who will theext pope be and how will they change that? i think it comes down to a much more local level. >> when confronted by his own
7:39 pm
failing health reform minded pope john paul ii refused to step down saying jesus did not come down from the cross. now, many factors see pope benedict's xvi resignation as a game change. is that way to you are sending up a pink puff of smoke? >> the mission is to it promote awareness of women and that god calls women and god is not somehow rendered powerless by anatomy. >> as a billion catholics around the world say goodbye to pope benedict xvi the new survey shows that american catholics still hold him in the highest regard. while many are rooting for new york's timothy dolan, most are willing to follow whoever the next man is to sit on the thrown of st. peter even if the new pope comes from the
7:40 pm
developing world and even if he is open to allowing priests to get married. >> geraldo: i wonder how my next guest feels about the new survey. he was a very well known catholic priest but you left the catholic church for the woman he loves. his story, after this. at tyco integrated security, we consider ourselves business optimizers. how? by building custom security solutions that integrate video, access control, fire and intrusion protection. all backed up with world-class monitoring centers, thousands of qualified technicians, and a personal passion to help protect your business. when your business is optimized like that, there's no stopping you. we are tyco integrated security. and we are sharper.
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>> geraldo: welcome back live, everybody.
7:44 pm
history attracted attention around the world. the host of his own television. the father took a leave when photos surfaced showing the padre kissing the woman who would later become his wife. now, he is an episcopal priest and the author of dilemma and he joins us from miami. welcome, father. delighted to have you onboard. i wonder what went through you your mind when you heard a pope benedict xvi was stepping down. >> well, geraldo, happy to be with you and i got to tell you i was is surprised and shocked like many were. certainly i had the pleasure of meeting pope benedict on is several occasions and so i have great personal regard for him. i also know that many of the things that happened in the eight years of his pontificate were definitely controversial. definitely had some influence on the decision. i doubt very much it was just because of his age or just because he felt physically
7:45 pm
incapable of continuing. i think there is a lot more to the story. we don't know right now all of the details but i think the details will eventually come out. what is it that really pushed the pope to resign? only god and the pope know right now. >> geraldo: true or maybe the some inner circle. what was going -- a lot of people think that one of the issues in the modern church and the modern world is sel sell c. said you have to be married to the church. you clearly wanted more in your life. were you tortured during the time that you were together and you were still a catholic priest and one of the most famous catholic priests on earth really? >> well, i got to tell you that is why the book is called dilemma.
7:46 pm
it as dilemma but also a great blessing to find love in your life and if you look at the tradition you realize the priesthood has existed in the catholic church not just the roman church, the eastern churches and other churches in the catholic tradition like mine. married priesthood has been predominant really. the thing of the sell celibate priesthood was not the traditional until the second century. st. peter himself was a married man. the scripture speak of peter's mother-in-law. you can't have a-mile-per-hour in law unless you are married, right? i think that many of the apostles, many priests for ceintureries lived a happily fulfilled priesthood. i think now the church has spiritualized the celibacy promise or discipline by saying
7:47 pm
that a man must be married to the church. i never really bought that. i don't think that god calls human beings to marry institutions. god created male and female and us to form family and have is this blessing of being able to experience human love with the person that we choose to love. >> you know, in craig's piece we noted that the majority of catholics now in the new pontiff was in favor of married priests are willing to go along with the pope but any they want the pope to make that call. how do you respond to that finding that the pugh is survey? >> that is very interesting. first of all, i found the numbers in the survey to be extremely conservative. i heard of 75% or more of roman catholics saying they want their priests to marry. as a matter of fact, every day since i did marry and become a
7:48 pm
priest in the episcopal church i get at least one e-mail from a priest, this is day ally, sometimes i get to or three. sometimes i get phone calls on the same day and it it is always a priest in the roman church who is in the situation i was in. you know, hoping to marry and . i hear from nuns. i hear from laymen and women who say to me i'm roman catholic, father, but i support your decision. i really think it as lot more people that really would like to see their priests as married people. and also i got to tell you, a great number of people saying what one of the people on the videotape said why not women? why not include women in ordained ministry? why can't women model christ for us if we know that god is love god is way beyond the boundaries of male or female? you know. >> geraldo: i'm going to lose you because of time. how did that work out between you and ruhama? >> for us it has been a great blessing. we have a beautiful family.
7:49 pm
>> geraldo: how many kids? >> i have two kids and i have a stepson so actually i have three of them. and teleare a great blessing. they really are. >> geraldo: you got married in 2011? >> 2009. >> geraldo: i was going to say you have been busy. so that working out okay, the ebusiness copal? episcopal. >> i'm a happy priest and most of my colleagues are married men and women. we value celibacy but see is as an option. if it is an option it is always healthier. >> geraldo: i appreciate you coming on. thanks very much. >> thank you. >> geraldo: coming up, his intense and extensive cross-examination revealed jodi arias to be a liar and a killer. but did the prosecutor take it too far? [ female announcer ] your smile.
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7:53 pm
the intense cross-examination has opinion rivetting as jodi arias has repeatedly been reduced to a saabing wreck by the district attorney juan martinez. some say that mr. martinez has gone too far. we report, you decide. >> ma'am, were you crying when you you were shooting h him? >> i don't remember. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> how about when you cut his throat? were you crying then? >> i don't know. >> take a look then. and you are the one that did this, right? >> yes. >> and you are the same individual that lied about all this, right? >> yes. >> geraldo: meet my next guest, former prosecutor monica
7:54 pm
lindstrom knows mr. martinez well, having worked side by side with him in the maricopa county d.a. office. mel mcdonald knows prosecutor martinez as well having tried several cases against him. monica, you first. welcome booth of you, first of all. monica, has he gone too far or o scoring the right points in a capital murder case? what do you think of his style? >> i think he is doing the right thing. i think when first started it is -- he probably put off some of the jurors because he is a strong male personality and going after a female on the stand. sometimes that can be a little touchy so some of the jurors probably got put off a little bit but as he kept going i think they just said you know what this is what needs to happen. this is a death penalty case and she bruteally murdered this man. and something else to think about is he might be doing this on purpose because part of her defense is that she was weak and mild mannered and she was
7:55 pm
controlled by travis alexander. well, juan is essentially showing she can stand up and points out when is wrong. where is this mild weak mannered woman that supposedly is there? she doesn't exist and has shown it over and over again when she is arguing with him. >> geraldo: before i go to mel, what do you thing of the death penalty? you know arizona juries better than i do. are they going to send this woman to her death? >> it is a very personal decision. there is nothing that says that they have to. but if they want to and if they believe in the death penalty they have more than enough reason in the case to do it because the stab wounds, a lot of them were to the back of him. she practically ca decapitated him. if there was a case it this is one and they have enough to do it if they decide.
7:56 pm
>> geraldo: mel, you could start there. do you agree this is going to be a death penalty case, that she will be sentenced to for fit her life for the crime that she admits committing? >> the entire case is not about guilt or innocence. it is about death versus a life sentence. i don't think anybody looking at the ferocity of the acts committed here could see anything else. that is where i think mr. martinez has been helpful in many respects to her. if you are the attorney standing in their shoes but putting her on the stand they had to put her on the stand to try to put a human personality to her. and then having her savegely attacked at times and sometimes goinged a nucing ad nauseum cae some sympathy. by trashing the dedeedent as he
7:57 pm
has done throughout the case what they are looking for is one or two voices to gain some compassion for her and not give her the ultimate penalty. they want to do something to keep 12 people from saying give her death. >> geraldo: there are entire websites, mel, devoted to jodi arias. they are saying innocent. of course, that will never happen. but i would assume that somebody on that jury is going to be reflecting the opinion that thousands of people on the internet are expressing that for instance this guy was so aggressive what is the line between aggression and, you know, really assault. can't you make a case not of innocence, of course not but that she killed him so viciously for fear that he would come at her and much bigger man and all of the rest of it, mel? >> i think the problem is that her credibility has been so tarnished.
7:58 pm
she is incapable of belief. the three different stories that she gave and as she has gone through this case creating and fabricating letters to the family and putting on this image that was all a as fa far. i don't think there is any way to rehabilitate her testimony. all i think they can hope to do is to either the aggressive beavior of martinez or are hoping that they will buy into the arguments that the de decedents a pedophile or was abusive. >> monica has said this will be a death pennal itty. >> i would say the odds are high and if they get it they will get it in spite of martinez. >> geraldo: a letter grade, quickly. you first, monica? >> a. >> geraldo: and mel? >> c.
7:59 pm
>> geraldo: i fall in between. i will give him a b. i want to thank you both for coming on. just, ladies and gentlemen, for what it is worth, i want to restate my firm opinion that she will not be sentenced to death for this terrible crime. i think the death penalty should be reserved for the multiple victim murders, for the torture murders. i don't think she will go down. new in iway on that happy note. thanks for watching. hope you have a great week. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. that it relieved their headache fast. visit today for a special trial offer.

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